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Global Smile Foundation

Yatco Energy is a proud sponsor of “Operation Smile.” It’s a nonprofit organization lead by volunteer doctors who travel to third world countries and help repair cleft lips and pallets of children and adults. Yatco shows its support by donations as well as sending representatives on some of their missions across the world.

In May 2015, Khadijeh and her son Hassan Yatim went to Lebanon to assist the Global Smile’s mission. Hassan was able to assist by helping administrators file patients records. Khadijeh, who speaks fluent Arabic, was able to help by playing and speaking with families and patients before and after surgeries, aiding in the recovery process. Leading by example is one way the Yatim Family is able to show the next generation what it means to give back to the community and those in need even if it means traveling across the world to help. 

For more information on the Global Smile Foundation please click on the below link:

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Police and Fire

Yatco Energy believes in the safety and security of the people in which their stations reside. That is why we are a proud sponsor of our local police & fire departments. By making regular donations we try our best to make sure that the men and women who protect our cities and towns are well equipped to do their job. Click the logo to learn how you can donate to their departments.

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